Introducing Aftersmile: Revolutionising Whitening Care, One Chew at a Time!

The House Of Mouth’s Newest Partner Aftersmile

We’re bursting with excitement to share a groundbreaking partnership that’s on the horizon, poised to reshape the way we think about oral care. Aftersmile has united with us to usher in a fresh era of oral well-being. How, you ask? Through a remarkable whitening chewing gum product that’s about to change the game. 

Now, imagine embarking on a daily ritual that’s more than just a routine—it’s a transformative journey. As you indulge in Aftersmile’s revolutionary chewing gum, you’re not only revolutionising your daily dental care but also bidding adieu to the woes of stubborn teeth stains. This ingenious gum actively combats stains whilst freshening your breath and strengthening your teeth. The result? A smile that radiates confidence, signalling a brighter, more vibrant you. High five to that! 


Enriched with xylitol, Aftersmile actively combats plaque buildup, while its impressive microgranule formula tackles stubborn stains that accumulate over time. The inclusion of Sodium Bicarbonate and Calcium Carbonate reduces discolouration, whilst the chewing action stimulates saliva flow, promoting mouth cleansing and providing a refreshing breath experience. 

 So, brace yourself for a future where oral well-being seamlessly blends with modern convenience. Aftersmile’s stain-reducing chewing gum is set to become your steadfast companion in this journey, working wonders to reveal a dazzling smile that’s free from the shackles of stubborn stains. Ready to embrace this new era of oral care? Say it with us: “Au revoir to dirty stained teeth!” 

Aftersmile’s Stain Reducing Chewing Gum
Stain Reducing Chewing Gum

Unveiling Aftersmile: Shaping the Future of Healthier Smiles

Aftersmile is more than a brand; it’s a visionary approach to fostering healthier smiles, guided by a commitment to modernise and simplify oral care, one chew at a time. Aftersmile Whitening Chewing Gum is designed to seamlessly integrate into our busy lives, bidding farewell to complex routines; Aftersmile believes that maintaining optimal oral health should be an enjoyable, straightforward, and refreshing experience. 

Aftersmile Chewing Gum: Your Smile’s New Best Friend!

Aftersmile’s revolutionary chewing gum is truly an innovation that’s turning heads. As simple as it may seems, Aftersmile have taken the time to meticulously craft an everyday gum designed to effectively manage and prevent tooth staining.  

Aftersmile Chewing Gum

The delectable chewing gum not only breathes new life into your breath but actively contributes to the vitality of your teeth and gums whilst reducing dietary stains from all the good stuff like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and other lifestyle factors. Aftersmile’s chewing gum is recommended by dental professionals throughout Australia as the perfect addition to your daily smile care routine.  


Aftersmile have integrated a fusion of tooth loving components, embodying a simplistic yet holistic approach to oral well-being. It effectively combats bad breath, promotes a cleaner oral environment between brushings, and triggers saliva production—a fundamental element in maintaining a pH balance conducive to dental health.

Aftersmile Gum

Each piece of gum is carefully fashioned to ensure a consistent and gratifying experience with every chew. With a delicious mint flavour, Aftersmile’s chewing gum tantalises your taste buds while nurturing your oral health. Choose to chew one piece or two, after meals, snacks, tea, coffee or anywhere, anytime to instantly freshen your breath and reduce teeth staining. 

A Partnership Forging a Brighter Future

Partnership Forging A Brighter Future

Our alignment with Aftersmile’s forward-thinking philosophy in oral care is super exciting. Together, we are dedicated to offering effective, accessible solutions that resonate with individuals seeking a better approach to dental hygiene. As we embark on this collaborative journey, we aim to redefine oral care rituals and empower individuals to take control of their smiles, championing brighter, healthier smiles, one chew at a time. 

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