Recaldent CPP-ACP Chewing Gum 112pc Tubs

Recaldent CPP-ACP Chewing Gum 112pc Tubs

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* 1x or 2x 112pc Tub Recaldent CPP-ACP Chewing Gum
* OPTIONAL: ADD 1 x GC Toothmousse Plus 40g Tube for
complete remineralisation and tooth protection.

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RECALDENT™ - an important ingredient for healthy teeth. We all know that the calcium in milk helps to build strong bones and teeth.

RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP), with the technical name casein phosphopeptides - amorphous calcium phosphate, or CPP-ACP, goes one step further. Developed from casein, part of the protein found in cow's milk, its unique formula helps to strengthen teeth by delivering calcium and phosphate (the building blocks of tooth enamel) to the tooth to remineralize the enamel. RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) can penetrate tooth enamel and remineralize the areas that have been affected by plaque bacteria.

How RECALDENT™ Helps Teeth

To help you fully understand how RECALDENT™ helps your teeth, it's important to understand the process of tooth decay.

What is tooth decay?
Tooth decay is a location on a tooth where its mineral content has been dissolved away and a hole has formed (through a process known as demineralization). The surface of a tooth (where tooth decay begins) is composed of types of tissues that have a very high concentration of the minerals calcium and phosphate. These tissues are known as enamel and dentin. Demineralization of a tooth is caused by acids; acids that are created by certain types of bacteria that live in our mouths.

The bacteria that are capable of causing cavities consume sugars and other carbohydrates as food. The waste products these bacteria create from having consumed these sugars are the acids (especially lactic acid) that cause demineralization.

When we ingest foods which contain sugars (such as soft drinks, confectionery, and even fruits and vegetables or the juices made from them) the bacteria will break down these sugars, and within minutes they start producing the acids that cause tooth decay.

Why is Remineralization important?
Remineralization is the process of replacing the essential minerals lost from teeth by demineralization, and occurs when calcium and phosphate are returned to the tooth structure.