Piksters Connect HANDLES + FREE Head. From $5ea.

Piksters Connect HANDLES + FREE Head. From $5ea.

$19.99 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price

Piksters Connect is the first manual, multi-functional oral care system. 8 Toothbrush Head Sizes, 5 Specialty Heads and 40 unique combinations providing an endless number of individualised possibilities!

Handle Type

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  1. Choice of Piksters Connect Handle + FREE Toothbrush Head
    • ChunkyGRIP + XXSmall Head (PC10)
    • ChunkyGRIP + Small Head Taper Tip Head (PC30TT)
    • MiniGRIP Suction + XSmall Head (PC20)
    • MiniGRIP + Small Head Taper Tip x2 (PC30TT)
    • Fatboy + XSmall Head Taper Tip Head (PC20TT)
    • SmoothX + Small Head Taper Tip Head (PC30TT)
    • WaveGRIP + Medium-Small Head x2 (PC40)
    • MiniMonster + XXSmall Head (PC10)
    • MiniMonster Suction + XXSmall Head (PC10)
  2. Choice of Quantity:
    • 1pk: $17.99ea
    • 3pk: $8.50ea
    • 6pk: $6.00ea
    • 9pk: $5.00ea
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Each packet contains 1 Handle + 1 FREE Cleaning Head. Each packet is individually sealed and packaged.


All Pikster products are supplied in original manufacturer packaging.