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The House of Mouth's™ new web platform is coming!

We are super excited to announce our brand new website will be home to a huge selection of New Products, Services and a Refreshed, 100% User Friendly Design!

To wet your appetite, watch our sneak peak video below:

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New Website Launch | The House of Mouth

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600+ Products!
AfterPay, ZipPay
Improved Checkout
Virtual Consultations
New! Custom Fit Services
New! Product Assistance Tools
Extended Click n Collect Times
Customisable Oral Care Bundles
Professional Advice. On Demand.

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Existing Members

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You're already on the list for pre-launch benefits, so there is no need to register. Please take a moment to understand how your information will be effected once we launch by reading our notice below.

Important Member Notice


Please note House of Mouth™ members with existing user accounts need to be aware your account and associated information, which includes and is not limited to: Contact Information, Delivery Preferences, Payment Methods, Order Details, Chat History and Correspondence will not migrate to our new platform. 

We suggest taking the time to review your account and save a copy of the information you require. Once we launch, you will no longer have access to your existing user account so we suggest saving your information as soon as possible.


Once launched, we will email you details to create a new account and this will will allow you to manage your Contact Information, Delivery Preferences and Orders on our new platform.

4Life! Users

For existing users, we will continue to provide 4Life! deliveries as originally ordered and until you pause or cancel your service.


Please note, inline with our new web platform our 4Life! Programs have also undergone significant re-development, therefore, our current 4Life! programs will be superseded by our new platform.


We will no longer be accepting new users for our existing 4Life! programs upon launch of our new platform. Please remember, all existing 4Life! users will remain unaffected.

We are excited to share our new and improved 4Life! Service and web platform soon.

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Keep Smiling!

The House of Mouth™ Team

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