Importance of Tongue Cleaning

Tongue Cleaning Australia

Tongue cleaning is often, and easily overlooked in Western Society despite it being practiced for hundreds of years in Eastern countries. The thought of tongue scraping, or tongue cleaning puts off most, however the importance of tongue cleaning shouldn’t be pushed aside.

The tongue harbours most bacteria found in your mouth, more than 70% to be precise. With over 700 different types of bacteria existing in the mouth alone, that is a lot of bacteria found on your tongue at any point during the day or night. 

Tongue Cleaning

Without regular tongue cleaning these bacteria will continue to accumulate and multiply which leads to a variety of problems including bad breath, plaque build-up, limiting your sense of taste, inflamed and bleeding gums, coated tongue, dental cavities, and many others.

Why Should You Clean Your Tongue

Numerous studies link a variety of oral and general health benefits from regularly cleaning your tongue. Many people ask should you brush your tongue, and the simple answer is, yes, absolutely. You will probably be quite surprised to learn the various benefits by brushing your tongue regularly.

Reduces Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by the sulphur secreting compounds from the bacteria which is found in your mouth and on your tongue. Using a tongue scraper, cleaner or toothbrush to remove these bacteria will help reduce and prevent bad breath.

Better Taste

Brushing your tongue helps to dislodge and free your taste buds from the nasty bacteria which prevents you from tasting food and drinks. Regularly brushing your tongue will help to stimulate saliva production, aid in digestion, and allow you to better taste and enjoy your food.

How To Clean Your Tongue

Reduces Plaque

Many studies show that tongue cleaning helps to reduce the plaque levels in your mouth, in turn, reducing the chance of dental cavities, gingivitis and other oral health problems.

Boosts Your Immune System

Your mouth is part of the digestive system and is the first point of entry for anything that enters your mouth. Therefore, your mouth and tongue form an important part of your body’s immune system. If bacteria are not removed, they can fester and then find their way to other parts of the body. Brushing your tongue will help eliminate this issue which contributes to a healthier and stronger immune system.

Fresh Mouth Feeling

It may be stating the obvious, but who doesn’t like a fresh feeling mouth? Cleaning your tongue will help make your mouth feel fresh and for longer. This means you and all of those around you can enjoy a fresh, healthy breath.

How to clean your tongue

There are many ways to clean your tongue and rid it of harmful bacteria. The most effective way to clean your tongue is by using a mechanical action, that is, using a Tongue Cleaner or Scraper, or Toothbrush daily. Mouthwashes can help reduce bacteria, however, do not have the same mechanical benefit of a toothbrush. 

For best results, the combination of a Tongue Cleaner or Scraper with Oral Rinse is the best tongue cleaning technique. As always this should be in conjunction with a daily oral hygiene regime including toothbrushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups.

Tongue Cleaners and Tongue Scrapers

Are the most effective in reducing the compounds which cause bad breath odours. In fact, one study found tongue cleaners were able to remove up to 75% of these compounds whilst a toothbrush could only remove 45% of them.

How to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner:

  1. Stick your tongue out as far as you can
  2. Place the tongue cleaner toward the back of your tongue
  3. Press the cleaner against your tongue and move towards the front of your mouth, applying pressure the whole time
  4. Rinse the tongue cleaner under warm water and complete 3-5 times.
  5. Repeat each time you brush your teeth
Why Should You Clean Your Tongue


Using a toothbrush is a great alternative to cleaning your tongue should you not have a tongue cleaner or scraper.

How to clean your tongue with a toothbrush:

  1. Use a high quality, soft bristled toothbrush
  2. Stick your tongue out as far as you can
  3. Position the toothbrush head toward the back of your tongue
  4. Brush slightly backwards and forwards along your tongue (front to back)
  5. Spit as saliva builds up in your mouth and rinse your brush after 3-5 brush strokes
  6. Repeat each time you brush your teeth
Tongue Scraping
Importance Of Tongue Cleaning

Oral Rinse

Using a mouthwash with therapeutic benefits and containing ingredients specifically formulated to eliminate bacteria can help control bad breath and plaque accumulation. 

Oral Rinses provide best results when used with devices which physically remove plaque and bacteria. So, ensure you always use a mouthwash in conjunction with daily toothbrushing and tongue cleaner or scraper. 

Best Oral Health Practices

Tongue cleaning should always part of your daily oral hygiene and also combined with our Best Oral Health Tips for optimum oral health.

Oral Health Practice

How Can House of Mouth Help with the Importance of Tongue Cleaning?

As a professional team, The House of Mouth understands the importance of tongue cleaning and offer a range of Tongue Cleaning Products to help keep your tongue and mouth in tip top condition. Our range of oral care products are recommended and used by Dental Practitioners throughout the world – so you can count on high quality products and trusted professional advice, all under one roof. See our best tongue cleaning product recommendations below:

TePe Good Tongue Cleaner

Made from bio-based plastic, the three blades provide a triple cleaning effect. The tongue cleaner is also dishwasher safe and is a thoughtful option for the environment.

Tung Tongue Cleaning Gel

A specialised Zinc formation in a refreshing mint flavour helps to loosen and dislodge sticky plaque and bacteria on the tongue. Can be used with any tongue cleaner or toothbrush.

Oral Rinse

cloSYS ultra-sensitive, unflavoured mouthwash is a gentle, neutral rinse which contains chlorstan, a patented ingredient to fight the bacteria which causes bad breath. Can be used twice daily.

Still have questions? Contact Us today to speak with a Dental Professional and get your Oral Care on track.

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