Pola Day Home Whitening​

  • Simple, easy, professional results

  • Hyrdogen Peroxide formulation

  • Fastest results

  • From just 30 minutes once a day

  • ACCC compliant

Poladay featured in Dental Product Shopper

Pola Day is utilised extensively by patients and dental professionals throughout the world in private practice. Pola Day allows patients to achieve beautiful, radiant teeth whitening results in the shortest amount of time and in the comfort of your own home.

The House of Mouth stocks Pola Day in both 3% and 6% Hydrogen Peroxide concentrations enabling teeth whitening in a wide range of situations that are directly compliant with the ACCC legislation.

The high viscosity, neutral pH tooth whitening gel ensures the greatest comfort in a take home whitening kit. Pola Day has a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content to assist in reducing sensitivity.


Pola Day's unique formulation can assist in reducing both plaque and tooth decay.

Key features of Pola Day's unique blended formulation:

  • Neutral Soother and Conditioner​

  • High Water Content

  • High Molecule Weight Thickner

  • High Viscosity

  • Pleasant Taste

  • Fluoride Releasing

  • Neutral pH

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Pola Teeth Whitening Syringes
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Touching Up and Maintenance

Once you have achieved your desired result we strongly recommend topping up your beautiful smile through a regular teeth whitening maintenance regime. This will ensure you smile will remain radiantly white and bright.

After you have used up all of the whitening gel in your original whitening kit there is no need to purchase an entire whitening kit again. The House of Mouth sells 'Individual Whitening Gel Syringes' available in the same concentrations as the complete Pola Day kits to ensure you maintain the brighter, whiter you!