Single (Red) Colour Disclosing - Gel or Tablets

Single (Red) Colour Disclosing - Gel or Tablets

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"Improved Oral Hygiene and Compliance with our Disclosing Products"

Your package includes:
* Your choice and desired quantity of either 'Single Colour Disclosing Products':
* Trace Red Disclosing Tablets 250pk (individually wrapped) OR
* PDS Red Disclosing Solution Bottle 30ml

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Single Colour (Red) Disclosing Products use innovate technology to visualize plaque left behind from inadequate brushing and flossing. Use regularly to significantly improve oral hygiene habits.

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" Visually shows where brushing is in need of improvement"

Disclosing Products help by educating users on plaque that remains on the teeth after brushing. Users can easily visualize the areas where they should concentrate and improve their brushing and flossing routine. These innovative, products identify plaque as red in colour to highlight missed areas during brushing and flossing. Available in both dissolvable tablets and liquid gels they are easy to use and helps to promote improved oral care. Ideal for children who struggle with an effective brushing regime!

Benefits and Features:

* Easy to apply and rinse off
* Identifies new and old plaque (2Tone)
* Allows the user to find out where brushing is not enough
* It can be easily dissolved or swished around onto tooth surfaces without being too messy