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  • 10% or 16% Whitening Gels

  • 72 Applications per bottle

  • Low sensitivity formula

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About PDS Whitening

The Dentists Professional Recommendation!


PDS Professional Whitening range is a set of two bleaching formulations which are trusted, safe, reliable and used extensively throughout Australia by Dentists and their patients.


The delicious mint gel is available in large, convenient and easy to use 30ml bottles allowing users to achieve beautiful, radiant whitening results without breaking the bank!


Concerned about sensitivity - 10% Bright Teeth has you covered whilst 16% White Lightening is specifically designed for whitening treatments in the quickest time possible.


With the PDS Professional Whitening users have the ability to customise their whitening regime whilst eradicating the toughest and nastiest of stains!


PDS Whitening, the dentists professional recommendation!


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  • Choose: 10% Bright Teeth or 16% White Lightening

  • Delicious Mint Flavour

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