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Opalescnce GO Preloaded Tray Teeth Whitening System
Opalescnce GO Preloaded Tray Teeth Whitening System
  • Great for children

  • Use daily for better cleaning

  • Exact product used in clinics

  • Choose: Tablets or Solution

  • Choose: Single or 2Tone Colour

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About Disclosing Products
Opalescnce GO Box set includes 20 trays enough for 10 treatments

" Visually shows where brushing is in need of improvement"


Disclosing Products help by educating users on plaque that remains on the teeth after brushing. Users can easily visualize the areas where they should concentrate and improve their brushing and flossing routine. These innovative, products can now identify both new (Pink) and mature (Purple) plaque. Available in both dissolvable tablets and liquid gels they are easy to use and helps to promote improved oral care. Ideal for children who struggle with an effective brushing regime!


Benefits and Features:

  • Easy to apply and rinse off

  • Identifies new and old plaque (2Tone)

  • Allows the user to find out where brushing is not enough

  • It can be easily dissolved or swished around onto tooth surfaces without being too messy




How To Use... So Simple!
How to use Opalescnce GO Teeth Whitening System

The red color remaining on teeth indicates areas overlooked in brushing and may contain harmful dental plaque.


2Tone products show old plaque as Purple and new plaque as Pink


Directions for Use:

  1. Brush teeth and rinse mouth

  2. Chew 1 tablet or place 2-3 drops of solution on tongue

  3. Swish around the mouth for 30 seconds (do not swallow)

  4. Expel, spit and rinse mouth with water

  5. Remove the red/purple color by brushing and flossing


Use periodically to monitor plaque.

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  • Available in: Tablet Packs or Gel Bottles

  • Choose: Single (Red) or 2Tone (Pink/Purple) Colours

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