- Thermoforming Bleach Trays -

  • Simply place in warm water

  • 3 x individual trays

  • Includes procedural instructions

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Our thermoforming teeth whitening trays are high quality and made from durable material providing a brilliant, cost effective whitening tray option. You will be ready to commence teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home in no time at all - simply place in hot water, adapt to your upper and lower teeth and your ready to start whitening!
What's Included?

Thermoform Tray Set

3 x Durable Thermoform Bleach Trays

One tray each for your upper and lower teeth and a spare tray just in case you make a mistake.

Procedural Instructions

Step by step instructions to ensure you achieve the best possible fit when adapting your thermoforming trays to your teeth.

Complimentary Travel Pouch

​A neat pouch to store your thermoform trays and procedural instructions between uses or until first use.

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