Selecting a Whitening Gel: 3 Steps

Selecting A Whitening Gel

With so many options, selecting a whitening gel can be overwhelming. Based on questions we get asked every day, here is our quick guide to help you select a whitening gel for your individual needs.

Step 1: Choose Ingredient

There are a many, however, select an ingredient that is safe, and proven to whiten:

Hydrogen peroxide

Whitens quickly and may involve more temporary sensitivity.
Ideal For: Those looking for the fastest wear time i.e. 30mins or less
Popular: Poladay, Colgate Optic White and Zoom Day White

Carbamide Peroxide

Whitens more gradually producing less sensitivity.
Ideal For: Those concerned about sensitivity or wanting a longer wear time i.e. 45mins or more
Popular: Polanight, Zoom NiteWhite and Opalescence

Peroxide Free

Whitens just as quickly as most peroxide gels.
Ideal For: Users with sensitive teeth or wanting a peroxide free alternative
Popular: Bleached!

Step 2: Choose Strength
The general rule follows as the strength (concentration) increases the wear time decreases. If in doubt, start with a lower strength gel and gradually increase after you are confident with the results and sensitivity levels.
Carbamide Vs Hydrogen

Remember 1% Hydrogen Peroxide = 3% Carbamide Peroxide.

Step 3: Choose Brand

Always select a professional brand recommended by dental professionals. The House of Mouth™ stocks the world’s leading professional gels so you know they are both safe and effective.

Popular Whitening Gels

From our experience, our customers find following whitening gels effective and popular:

Fastest Wear Time: Poladay 6%, Colgate Optic White 6% and Zoom DayWhite 6%
Overnight Wear Time: Polanight 18%, Opalescence 16% and Zoom NiteWhite 16%
Sensitive Teeth: Bleached! Peroxide Free

Worth Noting

When choosing a suitable whitening it is important to also consider:

All whitening gels require appropriately fitting whitening trays. Custom Fit Trays are the recommended tray for all professional whitening gels.

Syringe Sizes
Every brand has different size syringe (read the product description). To start, purchase enough for 14 treatments, you can purchase more refills as needed.

Be realistic and select a gel based on your sensitivity levels. Manage Teeth Whitening Sensitivity by reading our tips here.

Some brands offer flavour variations e.g. Melon, No Flavour. This a great alternative for those who do not like mint.

Sometimes, it can take time to determine which gel is the right fit for your requirements. If you are not happy with the results, consider another brand/gel or discussing your options with us.


What gel will give me the fastest results?
All the professional gels we stock provide equally effective results. 6% Hydrogen Peroxide or Peroxide Free Gels have the quickest wear time from 30mins/day e.g. Poladay 6%, Zoom Day White 6% and Bleached!

What gel is recommended for sensitive teeth?
A lower strength carbamide peroxide or peroxide free gel e.g. Polanight 10%, Zoom Day White 10% and Bleached!

Do you stock stronger gels?
Yes, however, gels excessing 6% Hydrogen Peroxide and 18% Carbamide Peroxide will require an Issue Appointment before dispensing.


Check out our ‘Help Me Choose’ and ‘Virtual Consult’ tools to determine whether you are a tooth whitening candidate and to obtain guidance in selecting a gel.

Alternatively, Contact Us and one of experienced team members will be happy to assist.

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