Voco Remin Pro Single Dose Packs - Three Flavours

Voco Remin Pro Single Dose Packs - Three Flavours

Voco Remin Pro - Triple Dental Protection - AVAILABLE SOON!

Your package includes:
* 10x, 25x or 50x GENUINE Voco Remin Pro Single Dose Sachets
* Available in: Mint, Strawberry and Melon Flavours

The more packets you purchase the cheaper it gets - from $3ea
10 Packs: $4.50ea, 25 Packs: $3.80ea or 50 Packs: $3ea

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Voco Remin Pro - Triple Dental Protection

Voco Remin Pro is an easy to use water-based cream containing hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate), fluoride and xylitol. Remin Pro does not contain milk proteins, alleviating concerns for those who are sensitive to milk casein and associated allergies. Remin Pro is formulated to provide added protection for teeth by neutralizing acid challenges from cariogenic bacteria in plaque. Remin Pro may be applied with a brush, with a finger or placed in a custom tray and is conveniently available in deliciously flavoured Single Dose Units or Tubes. The Dental Advisor rated Voco Remin Pro Five Starts and a 96% clinical rating.

Voco Remin Pro Benefits:

• Triple protection of fluoride, hydroxyapatite (calcium and phosphate) and Xylitol
• Provides a balanced oral flora and thus protects the teeth against harmful acid attacks
• 61% more fluoride (1,450 ppm) than the leading brand
• Contains Xylitol which has cariostatic properties
• Strengthens the teeth after whitening and professional cleaning
• No risk of milk protein allergies as with other brands
• Fast acting and great tasting
• Easy to apply with the finger or toothbrush or custom fit trays
• Can be used daily and especially well-suited for use at home

Ideal for:

• Use after or during home whitening
• Prevention and control of tooth sensitivity
• Patients undergoing orthodontic treatment
• Use after professional teeth cleaning


• Use a pea-sized amount and allow it to remain on the teeth for at least three minutes - smear with finger, toothbrush or place in custom fit teeth whitening trays.
• Excess cream should be spit out to avoid swallowing excessive fluoride.
• Avoid rinsing, eating or drinking for 30 minutes or more after use.