Opalescence GO! 6% - Pre-loaded Whitening Tray System

Opalescence GO! 6% - Pre-loaded Whitening Tray System

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Opalescence GO! prefilled whitening trays provide a professional, over the counter whitening option for those without whitening trays or seeking the convenience of whitening on the go. Ultra-Fit Tray technology provides a tight, comfortable, safe tray fit with wear times from just 60minutes.


Your Package Includes:


  • Opalescence GO! 6% Prefilled Whitening Box Set (choose your quantity above)
    • 1 Box Sets: $126.50ea
    • 2 Box Sets: $109.50ea
    • 3 Box Sets: $102.30ea
    • 4 Box Sets: $99ea
  • Shade Guide to monitor your whitening progress
  • Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste
  • Procedural Instructions
  • FREE Domestic Postage


Each box set contains 10 upper and lower whitening treatments.


All Opalescence GO! products are supplied in original manufacturer packaging.