Designer White 11%, 16%, 17% or 18%

Designer White 11%, 16%, 17% or 18%

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Designer White provides flexible, consistent and professional whitening results in the comfort of your home. With twelve years of experience in teeth whitening technology, you can be sure Designer White is a trusted and reputable whitening brand.

Whitening Trays

Your Package Includes:


  • Designer White Teeth Whitening Gel Syringe(s) (choose your concentration above)
    • Touch Up: 2 x 3gram 11% Carbamide Peroxide Syringes
    • Powergel: 2 x 3gram 16% Carbamide Peroxide Syringes
    • Advance: 1 x 5.4gram 18% Calcium Peroxide Syringe
    • Designer White 3: 1 x 5ml 17% Carbamide Peroxide Syringe
  • Optional: Add 3x Thermoform Whitening Trays for $16.50 (Save $5) or Custom Fit Trays for $163.90 (Save $56)
  • Shade Guide to monitor your whitening progress
  • Procedural Instructions
  • FREE Domestic Postage


Each whitening syringe lasts for approximately 6-10 upper and lower whitening treatments.


All Designer White Kits are supplied in original manufacturer packaging.


Please note: New packaging (From December 2018) for Designer White Advance 18% indicates 18% Carbamide Peroxide equivalents as patented 18% calcium peroxide.