Bianco Professional 6% HP - 5ml Refill Syringes

Bianco Professional 6% HP - 5ml Refill Syringes

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Bianco Professional Tooth Whitening Syringes are safe, effective and have been developed by decades of clinical research. Bianco's unique formulation strengthens and soothes the tooth, providing a comfortable and pleasant whitening experience.

Your Package Includes:


  • Bianco Professional 16% Hydrogen Peroxide 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel Syringes (choose your quantity above)
    • 1 Syringe: $55 per syringe
    • 2 Syringes: $50 per syringe
    • 3 Syringes: $45 per syringe
  • Shade Guide to monitor your whitening progress
  • Procedural Instructions
  • FREE Domestic Postage


Each whitening syringe lasts for approximately 12 upper and lower whitening treatments.