What We Offer

The House of Mouth is proud to offer professional grade, fast and reliable Take Home Teeth Whitening Systems suitable for a variety of treatment situations.
We stock genuine dental grade whitening products that are both reputable and used extensively throughout the world.
We offer convenience through reputable and professional brands whilst providing our consumers with easy and safe ordering.
Our products are available in a variety of brands and concentrations. We simply allow our consumers to whiten in the comfort of their own home with quality products, professional advice and assistance.
Our Philosophy
"The House of Mouth endeavours to provide consumers with a choice of authentically and genuinely sourced professional, clinical grade tooth whitening systems with prompt, reliable and trusted advice to meet the high expectations of our consumers"
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Our Difference...
Authentic dental products from Professional Dental Suppliers
Reliable advice by experienced dental industry personnel
We adhere to all ACCC Teeth Whitening Legislation
We stock the same products available as dental practitioners
A small portion from every sale is proudly donated to charity
Australian owned and Operated
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Our Products & Services
We offer a variety of products and services to meet the needs of our consumers. Simply purchase our products through our website in the Shop/Products menu.
The Brands We Stock
Purchase Opalescence Teeth Whitening products from The House of Mouth
Purchase Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening products from The House of Mouth
Purchase Piksters products from The House of Mouth

We stock genuine, professional grade products responsibly sourced!

White Dental Beauty Professional Whitening
Beatiful, Radiant Results



Images courtesy of Dr. Shuichi Tsubura Japan

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