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Take Your Own Impressions - We Make Your Trays!

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The House of Mouth™ has developed an intelligent Impression System allowing users to take their very own impressions in the comfort of their home. Our DIY Custom Tray Kit includes everything required to take imprints of your teeth and your choice of dentist endorsed Whitening Gel. Once you've taken your impressions, simply post them back to us and we will take care of the rest!

So, forget the dentist and join our 1000's of satisfied customers today!


Developed by registered dental practitioners


1000's of satisfied



Don't pay over $350 at Dental Practices


No dental visit


How it Works?

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Whats Included?

Choose from two convenient options:


Complete Package

The ultimate professional home whitening bundle. Includes everything needed to whiten at home - DIY Custom Fit Kit and a professional Home Teeth Whitenining Kit.


Choose Pola, Opalescence, Optic White, DesignerWhite, Zoom Whitening or White Dental Beauty Kits.







Trays Only Package

Includes a DIY Custom Fit Kit.

Perfect for those who already have whitening gel or need new trays.
















Whiten with Confidence

Whiten with Confidence

Custom Fit Trays are customised to your individual mouth.

Custom Fit Tray Kit

Custom Fit Tray Kit

Everything needed to take imprints of your teeth necessary to fabricate your Custom Fit Trays.

Personalised to Your Mouth

Personalised to Your Mouth

Safer with less gel leakage

No Dental Visit Needed

No Dental Visit Needed

Same process as your dentist yet more affordable and convenient.

Dentist Recommended Gels

Dentist Recommended Gels

No LED lights needed!

Purchase Pola Teeth Whitening products from The House of Mouth
Purchase Colgate Optic White Teeth Whitening products from The House of Mouth
Purchase Opalescence Teeth Whitening products from The House of Mouth
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Why you can Rely on Us!


We have 1000's of satisfied and happy customers. We abide by ACCC legislation, uphold stringent infection control standards and only use the same professional products used in Dental Practices.


Your trays a custom designed for your mouth this ensures optimal fit, reducing irritation. Custom Our trays limit the danger of whitening gel leakage onto the gums and other sensitive areas of the mouth. This is why we use the same process as your local dentist.

No Fuss

No need for expensive dentist vists with our DIY Service!  To ensure comfort and privacy you take your own impressions in the privacy of your own home. We do the rest, fabricating your trays using specialist dental equipment.

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Seriously, Why pay over $350 at your local Dentist?

Pricing is all inclusive which incorporates your 'DIY Custom Fit Tray Kit', Custom Fit Teeth Whitening Trays, three way delivery and Home Teeth Whitening Kit (complete package).