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Advanced Meets... Gentle

No Lights Needed!

Quick 30mins/day



Supercharge your smile, feel more confident and turn the page to a brighter, whiter you with the professional grade, peroxide and light free Bleached! Whitening System.


A unique blend of tooth desensitisers, remineralisation agents and whitening ingredients allows you to achieve up to 8 shades whither whilst strengthening

your teeth - all with no sensitivity

Bleached! is so advanced it does not require LED Lights and is as simple as: Apply and Wear. Bleached! is perfect for sensitive teeth as it contains no peroxide and only needs to be worn for 30mins/day.

A unique combination of proven whitening ingredients ensures no sensitivity and stunning results!

Potassium Nitrate

Desensitises - prevents sensitivity


Remineralises - strengthens teeth


Whitening ingredient

Aloe, Chamomile and Pomegranate

Soothes with Delicious Flavour

Bleached! Advanced Formula is tough on stains and usually provides visible results within a week of whitening!



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