4Life! Program FAQ's


How do I join a 4Life! Program?
We offer a suite of 4Life! programs - the perfect way to maintain a radiant smile, healthy mouth and fresh breath all year round. Click a link below for more info:
How often do I receive my 4Life! order?
It's up to you. Our 4Life! programs allow you to select your desired delivery period - monthly, three or six monthly deliveries.
When do I receive my first 4Life! order?
Once you joined your 4Life! program we will process and dispatch your first shipment within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email confirmation once you join and again once your deliveries have been shipped.
What countries are 4Life! programs available in?
We currently only offer our 4Life! programs to delivery addresses in Australia.
How do I pay for my 4Life! subscription?
We use PayPal for our 4Life! programs - you'll need a PayPal account to join up. Your chosen bank account or debit/credit card will be automatically debited on the day of joining and every delivery period thereafter. 
E.g if you join up on the 12th of May (with a three monthly subscription) your payment will be processed on the 12th, every three months.
What happens if my payment is declined?
We only disaptch your 4Life! subscription once payment is received, on your chosen 1, 3 or 6 monthly cycle. If your payment is declined your subscription will be suspended and you will need to contact us to reactivate your subscription.
Can I cancel my 4Life! subscription?
Yes! Simply Contact Us to cancel, pause or restart your 4Life! subscription service at anytime. There are no contracts, lock ins or sneaky terms and conditions. We simply want to offer a convenient, hassle free service.
Can I join more than one 4Life! subscription program?
Yes! You can join one, some or all of our 4Life! programs and manage each of your subscriptions individually. We suggest joining all four 4Life! subscriptions for the ultimate hassle free oral health product supply.
Can I track my deliveries?
Yes! You will receive an email confirmation/SMS from our delivery carrier upon dispatch of each scheduled delivery. This email will contain tracking info.
What happens if I change address?
Please notify The House of Mouth immediately by Contacting Us to ensure your deliveries will be sent to your new address. All deliveries are bound by The House of Mouth General Terms and Conditions.